What is video anesthesia laryngoscopy?

May 15, 2023

.3.0-inch high-definition full-view LCD; the screen can be rotated 130 degrees back and forth and 270 degrees left and right....

Product Features

1.3.0-inch high-definition full-view LCD; the screen can be rotated 130 degrees back and forth and 270 degrees left and right.

2. With anti-fog function to prevent fogging;

3.2 million pixel high-definition camera; clear imaging, wide field of vision, exposed glottis, easy for surgical intubation;

4. One-key quick photo; continuous camera shooting; data output and storage, can be connected to an external display;

5. According to the requirements of different hospitals, the laryngeal blade can be reused.

6. Long battery life, the battery is a rechargeable lithium battery, and the accumulated standby time exceeds 200 minutes when fully charged;

Clinical advantage

1. The operation is simple and easy to learn, with anti-fog function, saving time for emergency intubation;

2. One machine with multiple functions, compatible with different types of laryngoscopes, convenient and practical, and truly cost-effective.

3. The shape of the lens is clinically optimized, the intubation is smoother, and it is easier to “see, insert”;

4. The arc angle measurement can reduce the opening of the mouth and reduce the damage to the throat tissue during the operation;

Applicable departments

Anesthesiology, ICU, emergency department, emergency center, ambulance, internal medicine, surgical anesthesia video laryngoscope is fully functional during use. Steady clean images allow for rapid intubation, so it appears that overall reliability will be high. If it can be used normally, I believe that many people in the market can recognize it. The current market price is reasonable, and the use effect is very good.

Anesthesia video laryngoscopes can be photographed, recorded and stored while they are being used. Therefore, when in use, it has the functions of taking pictures, recording videos, and exporting stored data, and the entire standard video display is very clear. If the photo can be quickly identified, it can be quickly judged, which also shows that the features of the device in use are obvious and worthy of selection.

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